How to extend a product title?

Extending the title of a product is only available in our  Premium Plugin . If you want to extend product title, you can configure the title of the products by incorporating different attributes with it. You can add size, color, text and other attributes along with the product title under the "Extended Product Title" drop-down. 

To configure the extended product title of the product, we have to go to create a new product feed. From the Extended Product Title drop-down menu, we will have to select necessary attributes along with the product title attribute. For example, we have added  "attribute_pa_size" and "attribute_pa_color" from Variations & Custom Attributes sub-category. Multiple attributes are separated by the symbol (or) |. You can also add Custom text with product title. For example we've added title|wf_cattr_attribute_pa_colour|wf_cattr_attribute_pa_size | New Arrival

After setting up the necessary attributes, generate/update the feed.

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