How to make Dynamic Attribute ?

What is Dynamic Attribute?

Dynamic attribute -The Attribute, that can return values depends on conditions or value of another attribute. This functionality is only available into Premium Plugin .

 To create a new dynamic attribute, follow these steps:

  1. Go to WOO FEED > Manage Attributes. Press button Add Attribute.
  2. Fill in the following fields:
    • Attribute Name - name of the dynamic attribute
    • Attribute Code - code of the dynamic attribute. You will see this code when you select this dynamic attribute in the templates.
  3. Press Add Condition button
  4. Select attribute at left corner
  5. Select condition
  6. input condition value
  7. Select Output Type:
    • Attribute  - allows to return attribute values for the specified conditions.
    • Pattern - inputpatterns allow to use for output values attributes with php functions.
  8. Select attribute or input pattern at Output Value - when condition is true, dynamic attribute will return this value.
  9. Set Default value - sets output value for the attribute, which is not described in the conditions of the dynamic attribute. If any condition is false, dynamic attribute will return this value.
  10. Press button Save.

These settings you can read this way:

If  Condition is TRUE, then this attribute will have next Output Value. If any of the conditions are TRUE, the attribute will have Default Value.

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