How To Integrate DropBox With WooCommerce PDF Invoices?

  1. Login to your Dropbox account. If so, go to this link Dropbox App Console.
  2. Click on -> Create app button.
  3. You have to do three main tasks for your app.
    1. In the Choose an API section you may see more checkboxes but choose Scoped access. 
    2. In the Choose the type of access you need  your App Folder Checkbox.
    3. Then Write your App Name.
  4. Now your Dropbox app is created. You have to configure it. Just follow the below steps.
  5. From Settings tab Access token expiration select dropdown no expiration option.
  6. Now collect three keys from the settings tab.
    1. App key, App Secret, Access token
  7. Go to the Permission Tab Check files.content.write and now Submit your changes.
  8. Paste collected keys into Woo Invoice Pro plugin Settings tab-
    1. App key ---> Dropbox ClientId field.
    2. App secret ---> Dropbox Client Secret field.
    3. Access Token ---> DropBox Access Token field.
  9. Last thing to know if you want to put your invoice files into a specific folder, just write a desired folder name in the Destination Folder Name(optional) field.
  10. Suppose you want to create a folder on an existing folder named invoice, just type invoice/folder_name.
  11. If you keep the Destination Folder Name(optional) field empty then your invoice will be put into the base directory of dropbox.

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