How to manage feeds?

To manage feeds go to WOO FEED > Manage Feeds

See the feed management view bellow. All the points are described in the bottom of the image.

  1. You will get the list of your feeds you have made here. To create a new feed click the button Add Feed.
  2. If you want to generate feed automatically then set the interval. The default interval is 12 Hours. See How to Setup Cron for Wordpress.
  3. This is the name of your feed. To Edit or Delete, a feed hovers this section. After hover Edit and Delete link will appear below the feed name. Feed file will save as filename.type format. Path to feed files is   [wordpress root]/wp-content/uploads/woo-feed/[provider]/[type]/filename.type
  4. The provider is the name of your merchant or the feed template. 
  5. Type is file type of that feed
  6. Some merchant support HTTP feed access. You have to set this Feed URL into merchant center to access your feed via URL.
  7.  Date and time of which your feed was last updated.
  8.  In this section, there is two button View and Regenerate. After clicking on view button it will open the feed file into a new window. After clicking the Regenerate button it will update the feed and the button will be disabled until the feed update is completed. Do not go to another page or reload the page until the feed update complete.

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